anti capillary wire cable manufacturer

anti capillary wire cable manufacturer

The technical solution of the new anti capillary wire cable can not only realize the large-scale industrial production of the cable, but also realize the anti-capillary effect of the cable without significantly increasing the weight and diameter of the cable, avoiding the capillary effect when the cable is immersed in a liquid medium. The resulting media pollution and equipment failure problems.
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CITCable is a technology driven company who designs, manufactures and markets of HighTemprature Sensor ,Fluid Resistant Automatic Transmission Wire ,Electronic transmission wire, Automotive primary anti-capillary cable, High Temperature Automotive ABS (anti-lock braking system)Sensor Cables ,  Electric Motorcycle Motor and Power Cables ,  Hot Oil Resistant 200°C  Automotive Engine Wire , New energy EV Cable ,SPE Cable ,Military ,Civil radar system, Security system,Aerospace, Semiconductor automatic system,Ultra fine Medical Coaxial Cables and CMP/PLENUM/CL2P/CL3P cable products.

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The Benefits of Anti Capillary Wire Cable for Automotive Applications.

Anti capillary wire cable is a type of power or signal transmission equipment that uses a filling material similar to grease to prevent liquid infiltration. It can withstand high-temperature liquid environments and meets the ISO 6722-1 150 ° C thin-walled standard. It has durability, reliability, cost reduction, and environmental protection characteristics, and is suitable for various applications in the automotive industry.

Application environment of anti capillary wire cable

Anti capillary wire cable The cable laid in the cable structure should be bare armored cable or aluminum-clad bare plastic sheathed cable. The direct buried cable adopts the armored cable with the sheath or the aluminum-clad bare plastic sheathed cable. Heavy-duty rubber-sheathed cables are used for mobile machinery. Corresponding cable jackets should be used in places with corrosive media. When laying cables vertically or where the height difference is large, non-drip cables should be used.

Application environment of anti capillary wire cable

The application of anti capillary wire cable on switche.

A switch is a device that controls the opening and closing of a circuit or changes the connection mode, widely used in various switchgear or instruments. There are usually multiple wires connected or separated inside the switch. If the wires are invaded by liquid, it may cause the switch to malfunction or damage, affecting the normal operation of the switchgear or instrument. Anti capillary wire cable can effectively prevent liquid from entering the interior of the wire, ensuring the sensitivity and lifespan of the switch.

What material is the anti capillary wire cable made of?

The manufacturing material of the new type of anti capillary wire cable: the raw material components of the sealing material are one or more of silicone resin, liquid silicone rubber and epoxy resin; the material of the insulating layer is selected from cross-linked polyolefin materials , one or more of cross-linked fluoroplastics, silicone rubber, fluororubber, and special engineering plastics.

What material is the anti capillary wire cable made of?
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Wires and cables are based on length as the basic unit of measurement.

The cable can not be directly exposed to ultra-high temperature, avoid direct sunlight on the wall and man-made damage.

All wires and cables start from conductor processing, and wire and cable products are made by adding insulation, shielding, cabling, and sheathing layer by layer on the periphery of the conductor. The more complex the product structure, the more layers are stacked.

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