CITCABLE:Nuclear Radiation Resistant Cable
Radiation Resistant Product Construction:
Dimension similar to RG coax 174(OD:2.2mm),   RG coax 178(OD:1.5mm)
PEEK insulated wires with Silver-plated or Nickel-plated conductors 
High Radiation Resistance 109 Rad= 107 Gy
Communication systems 33ohm, 50oh, 75ohm RF cable,  and  upt/stp 100ohm, 120ohm 150ohm cable, and peek Fiber Oifer cable 
A semi-crystalline thermoplastic, PEEK 、TPI、 POLYIMIDE、 ETFE offers excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance coupled with outstanding thermal and combustion characteristics.
PEEK 、TPI、 POLYIMIDE、 ETFE cable outstanding and excellent abrasion resistance, dielectric strength, chemical resistance, thermal endurance in long. protects against corrosion
Nuclear Radiation Resistant Cable
Typical Applications
1 Nuclear Power Wiring
2 Chemical Processing
3 Ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) environments
4, Radiation Resistant hanress
Product Data A range of halogen free, radiation resistant PEEK 、TPI、 POLYIMIDE、 ETFE insulated wires.
Temperature Rating: -100°C to 260°C for Silver-Plated Copper Conductors and Nickel-Plated Copper Conductors
Key Characteristics
» Operating temperature: -195°C to 250°C
» 600V or 600KDV Rating
» Available with Silver-Plated ,Nickel-Plated or others Conductors
»  Standard colors and striped color options for ease of identification
» Halogen free and low toxicity
» Toxicity index > 0.2 < 1.5 (type 2)
» Excellent radiation resistance