Peek Thermocouple wire for Electronic cigarette

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a high-performance engineered polymer with one of the highest strength ratios with heat resistant properties.  CITCABLE PEEK Insulated Wire results from the extrusion of PEEK over a wide range of solid and stranded conductors
   We provide flat duplex insulated thermocouple wire consisting of a pair of conductors individually PEEK-resin insulated, and then PEEK-resin sheathed. In response to the needs of many of our customers,  TypesJ, K and T, with 0.2-mm and 0.65-mm conductors, respectively. We can also make products compliant with Class 1.We can also make PEEK insulated, heat-resistant wire Cable

Peek k type Thermocouple wire  
  0.26mm, K, OD:0.41, Red, Green
  Peek J type Thermocouple wire  
  0.26mm, K, OD:0.41, Red, Green,Gray