automotive cable manufacturer

automotive cable manufacturer

The meaning of Automotive Cable: In modern cars, there are many automotive cables, and the electronic control system is closely related to the wiring harness.
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CITCable is a technology driven company who designs, manufactures and markets of HighTemprature Sensor ,Fluid Resistant Automatic Transmission Wire ,Electronic transmission wire, Automotive primary anti-capillary cable, High Temperature Automotive ABS (anti-lock braking system)Sensor Cables ,  Electric Motorcycle Motor and Power Cables ,  Hot Oil Resistant 200°C  Automotive Engine Wire , New energy EV Cable ,SPE Cable ,Military ,Civil radar system, Security system,Aerospace, Semiconductor automatic system,Ultra fine Medical Coaxial Cables and CMP/PLENUM/CL2P/CL3P cable products.

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Introduction to the development of automotive cable

With the increase of car functions, the widespread application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components, and more and more automotive cables, the number of circuits on the car and the power consumption increase significantly, and the automotive cables become thicker. the heavier. This is a big problem that needs to be solved. How to arrange a large number of wire harnesses in a limited car space more effectively and reasonably, so that the car wire harnesses can play a greater role, has become a problem faced by the automobile manufacturing industry.

Introduction to the development of automotive cable

The Principle of Automotive Cable in Automotive Energy Saving

The energy-saving principles of automotive cables mainly include the following aspects:
Reducing the weight of the cable: The weight of the cable can affect the overall quality and power performance of the car, increasing fuel consumption and emissions. By using lightweight materials, optimizing structure, and reducing cross-section, the weight of cables can be reduced, thereby improving the power efficiency and economy of cars.
Reducing the resistance of cables: The resistance of cables can affect the flow of current and the distribution of voltage, resulting in energy loss and heating. By using highly conductive materials, increasing cross-section, and reducing length, the resistance of the cable can be reduced, thereby improving the transmission efficiency and lifespan of the cable.
Improving the insulation of cables: The insulation of cables can affect their safety and stability, preventing problems such as leakage, short circuits, and interference. By using high insulation materials, increasing thickness, and strengthening shielding, the insulation of cables can be improved, thereby improving their reliability and accuracy.

Why are automotive cables a necessity for the automotive industry?

The automotive cable has the function of connecting the main body of the car circuit, it connects the electrical and electronic components of the car, and can make the various electronic components interact. Every car needs a high-quality car cable, and without a car cable, there is no car.

Why are automotive cables a necessity for the automotive industry?

What are the advantages of our automotive cables?

Our car cables are waterproof and fireproof, and have excellent corrosion resistance. They will not be corroded by acid and alkali. The wire skin has excellent protection performance and will not be affected by moisture. It has undergone multiple tests and quality checks before leaving the factory to ensure that every car cable It is a product of excellent quality.

What are the advantages of our automotive cables?
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Automotive cable, including its electrical properties, material emission, temperature resistance, etc., is higher than the general wiring harness requirements, especially when it comes to safety.

Wires and cables are based on length as the basic unit of measurement.

The cable can not be directly exposed to ultra-high temperature, avoid direct sunlight on the wall and man-made damage.

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