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Research & Development

1, Technological

CIT considers product development applying the special cable extrusion technology; it has developed over the years a major leader of its activities. Thus as a core activity of the wire cable field, we are dedicatedly conducting research and development of products such as high-precision and high-temperature, high-voltage cables to support the field of Industrial Application, Medical Application, Vehicle Application,High Temperature Sensor Application which are characterized by rapid technology changes, equipment and communication services, high-performance medical wire harness for the medical fields.            

CIT have developed new technologies such as PTFE wire with surface etching,Ceramics Silicone,PEEK, Fluoroelastomer(Viton,FKM),XLFE,  PTFE Tape Wrap or Kapton tape Wrap Cable,Cellular (foam) FEP,PTFE,Alloy thermocouple type of Class T1,K1,J,KCA,NC,RC , Measurement and control systems of KAMAR Resistance wire (NiCr20ALSi), Resistance Value: R v=1.3 ±0.1 Ohm.

2, Information

The CIT with the technological uniqueness to fully meet market needs and that actively creates proposals; we share the same values with our customers and build systems that allow us to demonstrate our technological skills. For sales which we use market managers in each market area, who are each in charge of monitoring market trends in their respective market, formulating development strategies, and overseeing the entire range of operations from order receipt to commercialization. These market managers use their authority and responsibility on a daily basis to speedily meet situations. In the area of technology and manufacturing, we have introduced a streamlined division system organized by product series that facilitates close coordination by market, based on the keywords of "Simple and Direct", "Market-In", and "Quick Decision-Making and Comprehensive Strength", in order to meet client demands in a quick and flexible.

3, Intercommunion

As social structures, systems, and awareness quickly grow and the business environment, in which we operate, changes at a rapid pace around the whole world, feedback capability through corporate innovate is needed. The CIT firm meets these challenge in a strategic, it’s not only in terms of keeping up technical innovation, but also by adapting to market structure changes, such as globalization, normalization, environmental problems, and company governance as wall.

Insulation Materials

TEFLON: Cellular or Foam FEP/PTFE,   FEP, PFA,  ETFE,ECTFE,Crosslinked Modified ETFE/XLETFE, PTFE and PTFE Tape Wrap.

Other:Fluoroelastomer(viton),XLFE, FKM / FPM,  Kapton tape Wrap,Fluorosilicone,Ceramics Silicone,PEEK,EPDM and many others...

Conductor Coatings Conductor Materials Heavy Tinned Copper - Bare copper double tin coating
Prefused Copper - Heavy tinned bonded by heat
Overcoat Copper - Tinned copper strands covered by tin coating
Top coated Copper - Bare copper strands covered by tin coating
Copper Plated Silver - Silver plated to copper strands for operation up to 260°C 

Copper Plated Nickel -Nickel plated to copper strands for operation up to 260°C  

Nickel Plated Silver -Nickel plated to Silver strands for operation up to 260°C 

Tin Copper Alloy  0.3%, 0.6%, 6%

Silver Copper Alloy, Silver Plating TINSEL

Alloy Thermocouple TYPE T1,K,J,KCA,NC,RC and so on

Alloy of KAMAR,EVANOHM Resistance wire (NiCr20ALSi), Resistance Value: R v=1.3 ±0.1 Ohm

Carbon Fibre 3K,6K,12K,18K,24K

12K Nickel-Coated Carbon Fibre or 12K Ni-Carbon Fiber

 99.999 silver wire 

Gold plated Copper wire

Conductor/Gauge 1/0 AWG to 46 AWG 1 Conductor to 60 pairs
Stranding Constructions Bunched - Conductor strands twisted together in same direction.
True Concentric - A central wire surrounded by layers of helically laid wires.
Rope lay - Cabled groups of any of the above stranded types. It is standard to use a number of groups that provide a round construction, such as 7, 13, 19, 27. rope lay used generally on 10 AWG and larger.
Shields Braid Mylar – Aluminum Semi-Conductor PVC ,Teflon, silicone Metallic foil
Filler Polypropylene, Nylon, Paper, Ink
Drain Wire Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Stranded, Solid and other

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