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Product Application
  1, Fire & Rescue headphone Spiral Cable
  2,Fire & Rescue headset Coil Cable
  3,Military Waterproof Headset Spiral Cable
  4,Plenum Foam FEP TRIAXIAL Coax Cable
Plenum Rate (CMP) communicate Cables 5,2C,7C,16C Ultra Fine Coaxial Medical Cables
  6,Foam FEP High Temprature Communication Cable
  7,Plenum Foam FEP Special Cable 
  8,CMP High Data Cable /Twinax/Twist Pair/Quad Cable
  9,UL Plenum LAN Cable CMP Rated Teflon CAT6A
  10,UL Plenum Foam FEP RG11,RG59,RG6 Cable
  1,12,16C,Ultra fine Coaxial Medical Cables
  2,42AWG Micro Coaxial cable assembly
  3,Cable for Dental Imaging Systems
  4,Silicone Cable for Medical Surgery (Radio Knife)
Medical Cables 5,Silicone Cable for Medical Diagnostics
  6, Silicone Cable for Radio-pharmacy Equipment
  7,Silicone Cable for Dynamic and Mobile Systems
  8,Silicone Cable for Spo2 
  9, 78C Cable for automaton Care Systems
  10,Cable for blood pressure measurement
  1,Thermocouples Wire Cable 
  2,Vehicle Sensor Wire Cable 
  3,Nuclear Sensor Wire Cable
High Temprature Sensor Cables 4,Food Contact Sensor Wire Cable
  5,Medical Sensor Wire Cable
  6,Oil&Gas Sensor Wire Cable
  1,Teflon wire for 12K Ni-Carbon Fiber 
  2,PTFE  Wire cable ETCHING,(UL 1213,UL1180,UL1911)
  3,ETFE Wire Cable,XLETFE UL3557 Wire
Teflon Wire Cables 4,FEP Wire Cable(Flat or Ribbon FEP Cable )
  5,PFA Wire Cable
  6,PVDF wire Cable
  7,Double-insulated (2 Layer) Teflon wire UL/VDE
  8,Magnetic Wire With Double Layer Teflon wire
  1,Fluorosilicone Cable
  2,Ceramic Silicone Cable
Silicone Wire Cables 3,Flat or Ribbon Silicone Cable 
  4,Super-Soft or Flexible Silicone cable
  5,Medical Silicone cable
  1, PEEK Cable for TRIAXIAL Coax Radiation Resistance
  2,PEEK Wire Cable for Ultrahigh Vacuum (UHV)
  3,PEEK Wire Cable for Aerospace
PEEK Wire Cables 4,PEEK Wire Cable for for Military
  5,PEEK Wire Cable for Nuclear 
  6,PEEK Wire Cable for Vehicle Sensor 
  7,PEEK Wire Cable for Chemical Processing 
  8,PEEK Wire Cable for H.V 7.5KV,20KV
  1,Flexible Fluoroelastomer Cable
  2,Flexible Viton Cable/FKM/FPM Cable
Fluoroelastomer (Viton) Wire Cables 3,Flexible XLFE Cable 
  4,Flexible  Oil&Gas Resistant cable
  5,20KV Viton Cable/ Projector-lamps cable


4 CIT Cable for Medical Application Size:M
4 CIT Cable for CMP Plenum Communication Application Size:308.94 KBM
4 CIT Cable for Industry Application-EN Size:439.11 KBM
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