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Company Profile
    CIT is a full-line source for special and custom Wire & Cable. A pioneer in the field of Foam FEP/PTFE Communication Cable Application(Plenum/CMP), 46AWG Medical Endoscope Application, Industrial Application,Litz wire for EV Application and High Temperature Sensor Application, CIT has been serving the needs of industry for many years. All of CIT products are designed and fabricated to the exacting physical and electrical standards of today's OEM and ODM

When CIT has always been known as a "quality" cable manufacturer, the drive for perfection has accelerated in recent years. An ISO 9000, 13485 and TS 16949 certification program. This is in addition to the aggressive quality control programs already in place. Continuous in-process inspections, full laboratory verifications of product specifications and rigid life testing of finished products are all in routine. Custom cable configurations are also manufactured to meet special needs and to respond to the growing demands of industry for outsourcing and value-added services.

Over the years, CIT has developed broad expertise in application engineering support for specifies of wire and cable products. That resource has become particularly important as customers become performance driven. The right application assistance can have a major impact on cost reduction without performance trade-offs.


CIT has been a "customer-driven company" long before the phrase became fashionable. It is meeting delivery or special packaging demands, providing specialized support or just responding quickly to calls, staying abreast with the latest technologies helps to provide input to fine-tune company operations and current market trends. Because CIT is much smaller than some of its big corporation competitors, it can be more flexible to the concerns of customers. That has proven to be a vital difference.

CIT considers product development applying the special cable extrusion technology; it has developed over the years a major leader of its activities. Thus, we are dedicatedly conducting research and development of products such as high-precision and high-temperature, high-voltage cables to support the field of Industrial ,Medical, Vehicle Application which are characterized by rapid technology changes, equipment and communication services, high-performance medical wires and cables for the special fields.
Service Routine

CIT knows you will find favor in the technology investments we have made to provide unique solutions for the market
Quick Quote ensures immediate contact and turnaround time with CITs partners. When CIT does not have immediate stock of the product you need, we can still provide it to you in a timely manner
Through our expertise, CIT will help engineer a unique product or solution to meet your specific performance needs and giving you more than just a SPEC, rather an engineered solution.

OEM/ODM Experience

With substantial experience and outstanding performance, CIT has been a reliable partner of many multinational corporations. We provide excellent products to our customers on the condition of stable quality, punctual delivery and efficient communication, high-performance subscriber system and service, CIT has been authorized and confided by many multinational corporations. 10,000 type wires cables of CIT have been provided which are running stably now.


CIT offers a broad line of products can be found in Medical, Industrial, Vehicles, Communications Application, CIT are especially selective in the products they specify. We are products can meet the contractor's demanding quality and High performance requirements

Focus on Unique Solution for Customer. Ready to find new prospects and Start with right information.

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